Today’s Tip: Making Flag Letter Props for Newborn Photo Sessions

Appliqued Letter Banner for Newborn Photo Sessions

Last week, I met with a  good friend of mine, Erin Harris, to work on designing the latest prop in my collection for my Newborn Photo Sessions.  I have a hard time spending the big bucks on props, when I can spend a few hours making my own custom designed products. Ok, let’s be honest, I’ll take any excuse to be crafty, who am I kidding! Anyway, I thought I would share the process with you and show you the awesome results!

I decided to make flag letters after seeing a few images online of newborns with these banners hanging overhead. I thought that they would create a great backdrop for birth announcement cards and for prints to hang in the baby’s nursery. In order to maximize my time, I decided to create enough flag letters to spell out any name or small saying.

For starters on advice for making an appliquéd name banner, I checked out one of my favorite blogs: Miranda is the wife of a former classmate of mine in law school. She is one crafty and talented mama! I am not nearly as talented as her in the crafty department, but I do get inspiration from her projects from time to time. Definitely check out her blog.

What you are going to need:

  • A computer or letter template
  • printer
  • scissors
  • fabric
  • chalk (or pencil)
  • an iron
  • Heat n’ Bond No Sew Permanent Adhesive



Step 1: Create Letter Template.

First you need to create a letter template. I went into Microsoft Word and chose the “Century Gothic” font at size 350 Bold. I typed up each letter of the alphabet and printed them out. I fit about 3 letters/page.


Step 2:  Cut out Letters.

After the letters were all printed out, I used scissors to cut out each letter individually. You could use an exacto knife if you prefer, but I found scissors to be easier.

Step 3: Apply No Sew Adhesive to Fabric.

I don’t own a sewing machine, and might be the worlds worst sew-er, so I opted for a No Sew solution for this project. Using Heat n’ Bond No Sew Permanent Adhesive, I ironed the adhesive onto the fabric I chose for my letters.

Step 4: Trace the Letter Template onto the Prepped Fabric and Cut Out.

Using chalk (or a pencil if using a lighter fabric), trace your letter templates. Then cut out the letters from the fabric.

Step 5: Prep the Fabric Flags:

In order to create a flag that holds its shape, I added folded my fabric for the flags in half and melted the No Sew Adhesive between the layers. I decided to use several different fabrics for my flags. You could use whichever fabric you desire.


Step 6: Use Flag Template to Cut Out Flags:

I chose to use a 5″ x 8″ triangle template for my flags. Using this template, a rotary blade, cutting board, and ruler, I cut out the flags from the fabric. If you don’t have the luxury of a rotary blade and cutting board, you could trace the template onto the fabric and cut each flag out using scissors or an exacto knife.

Step 7: Iron Letters onto the Flags:

Once all of your flags are cut out, the next step is to peel the No Sew Adhesive tape off of the back of each letter you cut out and iron each letter onto a flag.

Step 8: Arrange and Hang the Flags:

There are several different methods for arranging and hanging the flags. You could sew the letters together using a ribbon, punch holes in each flag and string a ribbon through each flag, or you could clip the letters onto a ribbon or rope. Because I will be changing the arrangement of my flags often, I am going to opt for the latter. I am thinking I will use a piece of twine as my string and use clothes pins to hang each letter. Stay tuned for the results!

I hope that these directions and pictures inspire the inner creative genius inside of you! Be sure to send me your ideas and leave your comments about how your projects came out!

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