About Your Fabulous Photographer

KF1_4425I’m Kiera.

I love to smile and laugh. I am goofy, quirky and adventurous.  I make  silly faces and don’t mind when people laugh at me. I enjoy jumping in pictures and am currently working on mastering maximum air height in images. 

I have been to more Hanson concerts than I can count on two hands (and I openly admit that I stopped counting when I moved onto my second foot.) Before I met my husband, I wouldn’t eat food that touched on my plate. I am terrified of centipedes and spiders more than any other creatures on earth. I once made waterslides in my bedroom with exercise mats, crates, hand soap and buckets of water. I hate losing at board games, but I love playing them anyway.

Our dog, Cody, might smile more than I do. I sacrifice my half of the bed for him every night of the week, and am more than happy with my sliver on the edge.  I have lived in 5 states and 3 countries in my lifetime. Near the top of my bucket list is having a photograph of me searching for Nessie at Loch Ness in Scotland. I will be wearing a safari hat and will be searching through the lenses of black binoculars.

I was professionally trained in photography at Rochester Institute of Technology in my hometown of Rochester, NY. I met my husband, Frank, while thumb dancing on the dance floor during our Law Prom in Law School. He stole my heart with his dance moves and won me over with his cooking. I haven’t let him go since! We currently live in the South End in Boston.

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