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Frame of Life: Ethan’s First Year

View More: http://kieraslyephotography.pass.us/ramsey

This here is my full time job. I am not sure how on earth it can be called a job. It is an absolute honor, privilege and pure joy for me to get to document the beauty of life and all of the surprises it has to offer!

Over the past year and a half I have had the opportunity to work with Brianna and Dan to help them document their journey into parenthood. In August of 2013, I was handed an envelope with my name on it. Inside the envelope was a handwritten note on an index card with the gender of the baby that Brianna and Dan were expecting. I was the only other person (other than Brianna’s doctor) to know the gender of their precious child. What an enormous privilege.

Together, Brianna and I decorated the box that would hold a dozen pink or blue colored balloons, to signify whether the baby was a girl or a boy. After Brianna left, I immediately tore open the envelope to learn the gender of the baby! I was over joyed to learn that they would be having a baby boy (although, I felt a bit defeated because I had predicted otherwise!) The following day, I filled the box with blue balloons, sealed it tight and delivered it to their home for their gender reveal party. I documented the entire process and helped them capture the moment that they, along with their closest family and friends, learned that a beautiful baby boy would be joining their family soon.

View More: http://kieraslyephotography.pass.us/ramsey

A few months later, we chose a gorgeous fall day in the Boston Public Gardens to photograph their maternity portraits. It was seriously some of the most gorgeous light I have seen and although it was freezing cold, we had an absolutely amazing time documenting Brianna’s gorgeous body and the precious bond that she and her husband shared.

View More: http://kieraslyephotography.pass.us/ramsey

Less than two months later, Ethan joined this adorable family and made it complete. During his newborn session, Ethan proved to have strong eating skills and loved to be held and rocked by his parents. We captured these moments as everyone learned how to adjust to their new lives. I knew instantly this baby would be an amazing child and that Brianna and Dan were going to be fantastic parents.

View More: http://kieraslyephotography.pass.us/ramsey

Flash forward to last week. I went back to Brianna and Dan’s home to photograph Ethan’s first birthday portraits. I was greeted by a beaming baby boy who was on the move! He loves playing with his trucks and smiling for the camera. He entertained us all and made sure I left feeling full of joy and with sore cheeks from smiling.

View More: http://kieraslyephotography.pass.us/ramsey

View More: http://kieraslyephotography.pass.us/ramsey

I want to take this moment to thank you Brianna and Dan for letting me have the privilege of working with you this past year and half. You are wonderful parents, clients and most importantly friends. Please join me in wishing Ethan a very Happy Birthday as we look back at Ethan’s Frame of Life story from the past 16 months.

[For best results, click on 360p to select to view in 720p and then click full screen]


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Imagine the Possibilities

With a new year and new studio, comes new possibilities for Kiera Slye Photography!  I’ve got a bunch of ideas in the works, including a new website, new photography projects, and photography classes.  I plan to get out this year and travel across the world with my photography.  I’d love to host mini sessions in your city or town.  I’m also hoping to work closer with individuals and families as a personal photographer concierge to help you document your life this year. The possibilities are endless and I’d love your input.  So now is your chance to let me hear it. What do you want from Kiera Slye Photography this year?

Studio Life Imagine copy

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This is Me Thursday: Meet Me!

This is Me- Kiera


As a continuing edition to my “This is Me” series, I thought it would be fitting to feature myself this month in honor of my 30th birthday. I created this series to help others document who they are through beautiful custom photography. The idea for this series came about when I was thinking about my own pending milestone birthday.  I thought it would be really neat to have professional photographs of  myself at various milestone ages and to then write little bit about me and my life at each of those stages. I am happy to provide this service for others, but am also super lucky that this month fellow professional photographer, Nicole O’Neil hooked me up with beautiful new head shots so that I could reach my goal of documenting my life at this major milestone.

So who am I today? I am a wife. I am the happiest I have ever been. I am pursuing my dreams and passions through photography. I am starting to be able to travel the world through my craft and get to work with people every day to help creatively document their lives. I have a bounty of friends and a wonderful family. I am healthy.  I fight my fears by courageously tackling each day. I am slowly paying down my student loans. I don’t have any regrets in life. I am excited about the future.

Here of some of my goals for the next 10 years of my life (in no particular order):

  • Snowboard down the Swiss Alps
  • Have my portrait taken in a lavender field in Provence, France
  • Go to the Keukenhof Tulip Festival
  • Eat a baguette picnic under the Eiffel Tower with my husband
  • Watch the sunrise in Acadia National Park with my husband and dog
  • laugh so hard my stomach hurts (hopefully multiple times)
  • have a kid or two (hopefully twins– but no pressure)
  • learn to cook well
  • learn how to describe wine
  • create a photo series with my dog
  • publish a book with my work
  • establish a steady fitness and healthy eating routine
  • do something I never thought I would do
  • learn to be fearless
  • love every day of my life

Here’s to the next 10 years!



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Judy Beauchemin - October 3, 2014 - 3:37 am

So good to have big dreams. Look at all you have accomplished in the first 30 years. I hope the next 30 are the greatest!

Pup Up Portrait Success!


Yesterday, I hosted my first ever “Pup Up” Portraits at the Boston Fire Department! The guys at Engine Company 22 are always so great to the dogs in the neighborhood by providing delicious treats to all who stop by! Our dog, Cody Pup, drags me by every day! I  thought it’d be fun to capture some fun images of the dogs in our neighborhood and create a photo wall collage for the firehouse. Here are some fun images we captured yesterday! As you will see, I am not a chalkboard artist.


Huge thanks to our sponsor, D’Tails Pet Boutique, for donating tasty treats for the dogs and to Nicole O’Neil from Nicole O’Neil Photography for hanging out with me and capturing these behind the scenes action shots!

2014-09-05_0009And for those of you who think photographing animals is easy… here are a few funny out-takes… Until Next Time!


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Angela Gaspar - November 19, 2014 - 1:02 pm

Love this! I wish I had been there with my Charlie and Murphy!

F a c e b o o k
I n s t a g r a m