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Pup Up Portraits?

PupUpPortraits 9-4-14BREAKING NEWS: Word has hit the dog parks that Kiera Slye Photography will be hosting a FREE Pup Up Portrait session at the Boston Fire Department at 700 Tremont Street in the South End on Thursday, September 4, 2014 between 5-7. Bring your Pup on by for a treat and a portrait! Portraits will be posted to Facebook where participants can share and download their pup’s portrait. We will also be printing out portraits for the Fire Department to proudly display all of their favorite dogs of the South End!  Come join the fun and help spread the word!

What is a Pup Up Portrait Session you ask? Born out of the idea to host random “Pop Up” Portrait sessions at locations throughout Boston, Kiera has decided to offer “Pup Up” Portrait sessions to cater to her canine fans.

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This Is Me Thursday: Meet Hayley


Welcome to a new series for Kiera Slye Photography!  This idea came about when I started thinking about my impending 30th birthday. I am on a mission to find 3 words to describe myself and look forward to having portraits of myself taken on my birthday to capture who I am now at this stage in my life.

In the meantime, I thought I’d get a jump start on the series and introduce you all to the idea. On the second Thursday of each month, I will feature a new person in the “This is Me” series. I am currently accepting applications for future “This Is Me” participants. To apply, send an email to kieraslyephotography@gmail.com and tell me 3 words that describe you, your age, location, and why you want be featured in the series. I can’t wait to see what we come up with!

Now the fun part. Our first participant in the “This is Me” series is Hayley. Hayley is someone I count among my very close friends. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and keeps me sane here in Boston. She is beautiful, athletic, and witty… and I love her! The three words she chose to describe herself are: intellectual, compassionate, and sincere, and I couldn’t agree more!

Share some love for Hayley and be sure to check back next month to see who we choose to feature next!



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Boston Baby Photographer: Happy 1st Birthday Violet!

Happy 1st birthday to sweet baby Violet! I have had the honor of documenting Violet’s life since before she was born. She has a beautiful and wonderful family. Join me in taking a quick trip down memory lane of Violet’s first year!


This weekend, I was invited to document Violet’s first birthday party. Her parents came up with the coolest theme ever: SHAARK! A FIN-TASTIC AFFAIR  (in honor of the fact that Violet was born during Shark Week). I mean seriously, how am I so lucky to have awesome clients like these guys? Check out some of the Sharktabulousness of Violet’s day:







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Judy Beauchemin - August 8, 2014 - 5:11 pm

Beautiful pictures and an adorable baby!

Wedding Recap: My Favorite Memories

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

Ok, so we’ve officially made it past the 3 month mark of marriage! It has taken me this long to get my thoughts around how to describe the absolute best day of my entire life.  It was, simply put, magical. We had a few bumps and bruises along the way to get to our wedding day, but in the end, all of our family and friends came together to make our special day picture perfect.

I wanted to take a few minutes to recap some of my favorite memories and give a few shout outs to some special people who helped make everything possible. Sit down, relax, and if you feel like it, take a trip down memory lane with me.


I got ready at the Ames Hotel. It was a gorgeous boutique hotel located right across the street from our venue, The State Room. It rained on our wedding day, but I didn’t let that stop me from having the greatest day of my life. It was super important to me to have a few special minutes with Frank on our wedding day before the day got too crazy. I insisted on going alone (with my photographer and cinematographers of course!) to find Frank. I am so glad I did. We had the most intimate and special moment when we first saw each other. We both cried, laughed, and soaked up every minute of pure joy.

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

To anyone trying to decide whether or not to have a first look before the wedding. I cannot recommend this moment more! It was the most anticipated moment of the wedding day for me and allowed both Frank and I to take a few minutes together to get to breathe in the magic of our day. All of my nerves escaped my body the second I connected with Frank and I was able to soak up all of the moments of the rest of our day!

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frankView More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frankView More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

Fun Fact: My shrug was a gift that my Great Grandma Dots had given to my Grandma on her late June wedding day in 1961! It was too hot for my Grandma to wear on her wedding day and I think my Great Grandma was always a little bummed about that. Now that my Great Grandma is in heaven, I am pretty sure she played a role in making our wedding day cool enough to wrap myself in her gorgeous vintage gift. I felt like she was wrapping her arms around me and giving me the biggest hug ever. It was so special and worked perfectly on our wedding day.


We are blessed to have so many great friends and close family. Narrowing down our bridal party was a tough choice, but we could not have been surrounded by better people. In our bridal party were our siblings, friends from our youth, friends from college, and friends we made in law school. Our ring bearer was my nephew, Jordan and our beautiful princess flower girls were my best friend Melissa’s daughters, Ellie and Penny.

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

The bridesmaids wore navy blue Watters Lace Bridesmaid dresses ordered from an awesome online boutique called Weddington Way. The groomsmen wore suits ordered from a great online boutique for men called The Black Tux. The dudes wore Navy Gingham Ties that were ordered from a cool online retailer called The Tie Bar. The ring bearer’s suit was rented from Mens Warehouse and the flower girl’s dresses were a steal from another online retailer called The Flower Girl Shop. My friend Lisa Hall, of The Beaded Spider, custom made all of the jewelry for the ladies and girls in the wedding, including my bridal earrings and bracelet.  We ordered custom individualized cuff links for each of the guys off of Etsy.


For our wedding, we envisioned a unique, intimate and personalized ceremony. We have some super talented friends and chose to have them help us solemnize our marriage. We asked our dear friends from law school, Megan and Jacob, to officiate our marriage. In order for a regular ol’ person to become “ordained” in Massachusetts, that person must be either a Justice of the Peace or granted a one day designation by the Governor of the Commonwealth. Our friend, Nate Harris, wrote a letter of recommendation in support of Jacob that was nothing short of incredible. We had him read it aloud before the ceremony started.

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

The theme of our ceremony was about love and laughter. We chose readings about being consciously present in your relationship and working to keep trust and love alive. We both believe that if you find a way to make each other smile and laugh each day, your life will be so much more full.

My grandma, Nonnie, read an excerpt from my favorite book The Little Price, by Antoine St. Exupery. For those of you curious folk, here is a link to the excerpt we put together for her to read: Wedding-Little-Prince-Reading. Our friend, Lauren, read this beautiful quote from the movie “Shall We Dance” (yeah… the one with J-Lo and Richard Gere).

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

The term “craughing” was invented to describe what Frank and I did during our ceremony… we both cried and laughed at the same time. It was such an emotional ceremony and one I will truly treasure for the rest of my life.

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

Fun Fact:   I couldn’t get married and not include a little Hanson in the mix. After our first kiss, we danced down the aisle to a Vitamin Strings Quartet version of MMMbop:)


We seriously have talented and sentimental friends and family. My grandma, Claudia, made my garter. My mom gave me my Great Grandma Helen’s hankie to help dry my tears. My dear friend, Cathy let me “borrow” her gorgeous lace cathedral length veil to wear on our wedding day. It absolutely completed my look and made me feel like a gorgeous bride. My jewelry was custom designed and handmade by my friend Lisa Hall.

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frankLast year on my birthday, I attended a Hanson concert in Boston and had the chance to personally invite Hanson to our wedding. They unfortunately couldn’t make it, but did sign our Save the Date:)

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

I was trying to find a few other unique ideas when planning our wedding. In law school, Frank used to make cranes out of napkins when we hosted our annual Christmas party. I googled a bunch of ideas about paper cranes and found this Japanese legend that a bride who folds 1,000 paper cranes will be blessed with a long and happy marriage. I thought that this was so neat and decided to embark on my own journey of folding 1,000 paper cranes.

With the help of some friends, several bottles of wine and hours of in front of the television, I was able to pull off this feat! I found the act of folding the cranes to be therapeutic and mind clearing. I learned lessons of patience, teaching, and instruction that will definitely help me in the future of our marriage.

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

My talented friend, Henry Zunino of Strawberry Hill Candy, created customized hand sculpted chocolate forms of the Boston city skyline. He also made our wedding favors: honeypot tea stirrers.

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

A recap of our wedding wouldn’t be complete without thanking our crazy talented friend, Niki Gaiter, for her countless hours of humor, advice and talent in designing our wedding signs, programs, and fun little extra details that were shared throughout the wedding weekend.

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

Our friend, Alycia Joyal of Beacon Hill Florals, brought my vision of clean, fresh, spring flowers to life in a magical way with her beautiful floral designs. She even found blush garden roses named Kiera for my bridal bouquet! A special fun fact is that my bridal bouquet was wrapped with fabric from my grandma, Bom’s wedding dress. Tucked inside the bouquet was a lily of the valley fake flower sprig that was in my grandma’s original wedding bouquet in the 1961!

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

If anyone knows me, they know that my least favorite part of weddings is when the bride and groom cut the cake. I always thought that pictures of people slowly cutting the cake and shoving it in each others’ faces looked so silly and had no meaning other than that it was that “thing” that you were supposed to do at your wedding. I spent an hour researching the symbolism of the cutting of a wedding cake to convince myself to do it.

Apparently, back in ancient times, the wedding cake was actually rolled fruit pastries that were stacked as high as possible. The thought was that a bride and groom would have to kiss over the stack and the higher the stack, the longer the marriage. It was also thought that fruit filled pastries would help ensure fertility of the woman and bless the family with more babies. My source is wikipedia… so I don’t know how true this is.

I finally gave into the cake idea when my friend suggested that we have salt and pepper shaker cake toppers. Jacob, our officiant, refers to Frank and I as his little salt and pepper shakers because we are so different, but when put together we bring so much flavor to life. He’s a genius and I loved his analogy and found these adorable salt and pepper shakers at The Paper Source. Our cake ended up not being stacked that high and was cookies and cream flavored (not fruit filled)… so for good luck, we threw salt over our shoulders!

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank


View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

We had some of the most sentimental and well thought out and delivered wedding speeches I have ever heard. My maid of honor and sister, Kailey, found a 1913 penny (in honor of my late Great Grandmother) that I have been searching for for years and gifted it to me during her speech. My brother quoted Mmmbop and made the crowd about fall over with laughter. Ankur, the best man talked about how Frank and I bring out the best in each other and concluded his speech with a killer break dance for us!

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

My dad adopted me when I was 6 and we have an incredible bond. I always dreamed of the moment on our wedding day when he would get the chance to walk me down the aisle and we could have our father daughter dance. I made sure to steal a few minutes away with my dad before the ceremony began so that we could breathe in the moment. We actually had a birds-eye view of the ceremony as it started and got to watch the wedding unfold like a movie! I was so incredibly blessed to have been able to share these beautiful moments with him. During my Dad’s speech he used photographic evidence to prove the moment he knew I was going to marry Frank. He made me laugh hysterically and cry at the same time. Our father/daughter dance was to the song: “Walk With You” by Edwin McCain. It was the perfect song for our moment and I will cherish every minute of our dance.


View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

We were the luckiest couple in the world on our wedding night because Jenna Lotti and Chris Facey hooked us up with an amazing acoustic set during our cocktail hour. They also serenaded us to a special version of “All of Me” by John Legend as our first dance. It was such a special gift to have this talented duo sing for us!


I can’t recommend this favorite memory enough: get a group photograph of your attendants at the wedding before the night’s fun begins. Immediately following our first dance, we asked our fabulous DJ, Mike Amado, of Entertainment Specialists, to ask our guests to join us on the dance floor for a group photograph. Right after the picture was taken, we had him start a short dancing set where we could all let loose and celebrate before dinner. I think this is the #1 thing people talk about from our wedding, despite all of the other details!

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank

Finally my favorite memories have been captured in photographs and video if you are thirsty for more… Check out our incredible wedding movie created by Brighter Lights Media here. You can also check out our photographer, Emilia-Jane’s blog with some more images of our special day. This day wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our parents, our family, and our dear friends who continue to cheer us on in our marriage. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. I thank you all, even if I haven’t specifically added your name in this post.           xoxo- Kiera

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/kiera-frank


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Sneak Peek: Brielle + Owen Explore Boston


We are working on something new and exciting here at Kiera Slye Photography. Yesterday, I had the privilege of exploring Boston through the eyes of these two adorable children, Brielle (4 today!) and Owen (almost 2). We are working on writing a custom children’s book with professional portraits documenting their journey and I can’t wait to share it with you all soon! Stay tuned!

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